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Explanations concerning the Security of Data

As a rule, you can call all Internet pages of the Jolly Harbour Marina website without giving any specification concerning your person. If your name, your address or other personal data is needed in some cases, you will be asked for. Your personal data are used in order to assure and improve the service of Jolly Harbour Marina towards the website visitors and customers.
If you decide to leave to Jolly Harbour Marina or to one of its business partners personal data so that e.g. correspondence can be executed or an order be processed, then this data will be treated according to the strict regulations of the Law for Data Protection of Antigua and Barbuda. 
When calling Internet pages, Jolly Harbour Marina may receive tracking data of users that are saved for file recovery reasons, such as IP address, date, time-of-day and visited pages. These data are analysed by Jolly Harbour Marina in order to verify the user behavior / pageviews and set up statistics. Jolly Harbour Marina respects the high safety standards and the data security regulation for telecommunications enterprise. Jolly Harbour Marina does not undertake any personalized use of the data collected. The statistical analysis of data records is performed with anonymizated data only.

Passing on of personal information to Third Party

If, while processing an order, data should be passed on to a Third Party, those Third Parties are bound to the laws and are also contractually bound to the Privacy Policy of Jolly Harbour Marina. As far as Jolly Harbour Marina is obligated legally or by court order, it will disclose your data to the required extent at information-entitled institutions.
For any other purpose, Jolly Harbour Marina does not disclose your data without your prior agreement.


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If you do not agree / revocation

If you request Jolly Harbour Marina not to use and/or to delete your personal data for any further establishment of contact, then Jolly Harbour Marina proceeds accordingly. Data that are necessary for an order processing or for commercial purposes, are not deleted.
Please be aware of the fact that in the case of the revocation the personalized services brought to you cannot be delivered any longer, since it is based on the use of the customer data.

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