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Marina and Boatyard Rates

Full rate card available from our office.

Please request a quote for exact costs.


All rates quoted in US Dollars according to length-over-all and subject to government taxes.


Rates are subject to change without notice.

Marina Rates


November 1 to May 31         


June 1 to October 31

$ 1.00 per foot per day
$ 0.75 per foot per day
$ 0.85 per foot per day $ 0.65 per foot per day
$ 0.75 avg per foot per day $ 0.55 avg per foot per day
$ 0.65 avg per foot per day $ 0.45 avg per foot per day
Boardwalk and seawall at stern-to marina rates.

Stern-to multi hull  rate x 1.5

Alongside rate x 2

Monthly and long term rates are per calendar month and are payable in advance or daily rates apply - no exceptions.

Moorings $ 25.00 per night. Boats must not be left unattended overnight. No rafting.

NO ANCHORING IN JOLLY HARBOUR - penalty fee $ 50.00

Boat management and boat movement services ashore or afloat - ask for a quote.
Check out - 12 noon          Dockmaster - VHF Channel 68

Ice, water, oils, lubes and propane bottle refills at fuel dock

Super Yacht Dock Rates

200 feet

(60m) max

Stern To


Winter Rates

Stern To


Summer Rates

Daily $ 1.15 per foot per day $ 0.90 per foot per day
Weekly $ 1.00 per foot per day $ 0.80 per foot per day
Monthly $ 0.90 per foot per day $ 0.70 per foot per day
Quarterly $ 0.80 per foot per day $ 0.60 per foot per day

Over 6 months    

$ 0.70 per foot per day

$ 0.55 per foot per day

Minimum length at SYD


Alongside rate x 2  

Water - metered
$ 0.10 per gallon
Electricity - metered 60Hz      $ 0.85 per kw

Sewage disposal

$ 25.00 per pump-out

Boatyard Rates

Haul and launch, power wash

& chocking

$ 13.75 per foot

Haul and launch only

$10.00 per foot
Scraping - Barnacle removal
Scraping - heavy growth

$ 3.00 per foot

$ 4.50 per foot

Power wash

$ 2.50 per foot

In slings haul & launch

$ 7.00 per foot - 2 hour max

Travelift move within yard

$ 6.00 per foot - 1 hour max

Welding stands


Welding stands


$ 6.00 per foot

$ 6.00 per foot

Stand rent & stability check

(every month or part thereof)    

$ 0.80 per foot / per month

Hire of straps and tie down $ 6.00 per foot

Keel hole

(min 6 months)

Dig keel hole

$ 1.00 per foot/per month


$ 175 one-off fee

Boats 45 feet and over +15%
Boats 60 feet and over +30%
Multi hull (max beam 18ft) +30%
Difficult lifts as per quotation - maximum beam 19' 6"
For boat dimensions use the "cardboard box principal". The length of your vessel is the length of the cardboard box it would fit into when ashore.

Three cradle options:


Rates for up to 8 months use. 20% supplement for cradle storage on concrete.



$ 1,500


$ 2,250



$ 2,750


Concrete pit

(1 month or part thereof)       

$ 6.00 per foot per month

Storage rates:


Haul and launch days    Free
$ 0.65 per foot per day
$ 14.00 per foot per month
Long term - min 3 months
$ 12.50 per foot per month
Multihull storage rate +30%
Monthly & long term must be paid in advance or daily rates apply.
No cash - no splash!!
We also offer dinghy, trailer and mast storage and storage lockers  - contact us for rates.
Boat management and boat movement services ashore or afloat - ask for a quote.
Accounts outstanding at 30 days interest added at 2.5 % per month.
Dockyard services include:
Mechanical and electrical engineering, full service fuel dock, fibreglass repair, spray painting, anti-fouling, Budget Marine chandlery, wi-fi internet, laundry and supermarket.
Port of entry at Jolly Harbour. Boats must clear in before fueling, docking and/or leaving your boat. Remain at customs dock until cleared.

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April 23 - 29, 2016 - Antigua Sailing Week

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