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Security, Security, Security

Gated Access Only to the Yard



Security is a serious priority at Jolly Harbour and is undertaken by Hawkeye Security and Surveillance Ltd under the personal direction of Anthony Athill. The company report to our Manager on a regular basis.

The marina is situated at the heart of the gated community of Jolly Harbour. Our dedicated marina and boatyard security team provide an additional 24/7 security staff, who are well trained in all aspects of surveillance  and have a pro-active approach.

Secured Fenced And CCTV Areas All Over The Yards

High Fence arround Long Term Storage

We provide long term boat and storm storage in patrolled fenced areas. We have installed strategically placed new CCTV cameras in the boatyard, boat storage areas and marina docks. Image surveillance from all our cameras is operated from our main security hut by trained security personnel.

Patrol Boat Day and Night

Patrol Boat

When visiting Jolly Harbour Marina for a few days or on longer term you can be sure that the docks will be patrolled on a regular basis. A patrol boat will be on the water at various times to protect your interests.


In case of emergencies a competent rapid response team is activated within Jolly Harbour.

Security is a Two-Way Partnership

Security camerasYour help is always appreciated.  If you experience a problem or see a suspicious situation you would like to report, you are invited to speak directly to a security officer by calling (268) 720 7097.  Protect your property - lock your boat when leaving it! 

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