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Long Term Boat Storage – Prepared for any Storm on welded stands and tied down

Tie Downs and Welded StandsFor long term storage during the storm season the boats are stored in stands on concrete. Once the boat is comfortably seated the adjustable metal stands are welded together in pairs to keep them securely in place. In addition to this each boat is fitted with 4 heavy duty tie down straps that are attached to ground anchors, firmly set in concrete, further reducing the risk of any movement during a storm.
From our experience most Marine Insurance Companies are accepting this option as a satisfactory safety standard during the storm Season. At your request we can provide you with a photo of your boat with the additional safety measures in place.

We have deep keel hole storage available.

Dinghies are stored in a designated undercover enclosed storage area.

Outboard motors are stored on a purpose built rack in a secured unit.

Boats with unstepped masts will be stored separately from fully rigged boats upon request.

Cradles for boat storage

Boat Cradle with tie down straps for highest Hurricane protection; set up meeting marine insurance company standards

We have a dedicated storage area in our long term yard for boats stored in cradles.  Being surrounded by other boats seated in cradles creates a much less vulnerable environment in the event of a serious storm.

There are three sizes of cradle available:
Small - Boats up to 45 feet (6 leg)
Medium - Boats 45 to 55 feet (6 leg)
Large - Boats 55 to 70 feet (8 leg).

Some boats require a different size of cradle based on the design of the vessel and other parameters rather than just on the length alone.  While we can try and predict in advance what cradle to use, as a new customer, we will need to recommend the cradle best suited for you at the time of hauling your boat. 

The medium and large cradles are manufactured in the UK (see photo). All our cradles meet marine insurance company standards. Boats stored in cradles are also secured with 4 heavy duty tie down straps attached to ground anchors.

Generally, based on the contour of the boat underside, most power boats are not compatible with a cradle.  However, if you want to give us the boat specs. and photos of the underside we can certainly reveiw a situation more closely.  Instead of a cradle we recommend power boats to be stored in stands on concrete with the added security of a lateral weld.

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